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Drivers and Benefits for Electronic Document Management (EDM)

The following benefits and facts provide a basic insight into the ROI Return on Investment for either outsourcing or obtaining an in-house solution.

Content access and retrieval.

Organisations can substantially reduce operating costs if their employees can effectively search for and access the content needed to do their jobs. Doing more with fewer resources. Optimising content creation processes is critical for organisations with numerous business processes and applications that involve the creation of content.

Compliance and risk reduction.

The need to meet regulatory requirements is increasingly moving to the forefront of many organisations' key priorities, especially when it comes to taking proactive measures to ensure business continuity and reduce the risk of litigation.

Managing content through its lifecycle.

Most organisations, especially those in industries with heavy regulatory requirements, require lifecycle management in which content is managed from time of creation, while it is actively used within applications, and finally as an archived asset.

Simplistic benefits.

Customer Response time.

Reducing the time and effort staff need to access and retrieve documents to answer a customers query, increases both the efficiency and effectiveness on internal operations and the customers satisfaction of having answers delivered more rapidly.

Saving office from filing storage requirements.

Scanning and storage of archive / backfile documents frees up valuable office space, avoiding the need and cost of relocation.

Long term Storage costs versus one off scanning conversion.

Storing documents in a warehouse over several years means ongoing annual costs, expensive random retrieval costs and risk to fire and flood. Also you have no back up of legacy documents. Calculating costs for storage of a single box per annum for the whole retention period far exceeds the cost of electronic document management. Can you afford to have your documents stored without back up.