Document & Content Management

Cloud Document / Content Management

Businesses of all sizes create and generate paper records and electronic records as a daily routine task. Storing, managing and sharing information securely is an important consideration every business should be aware of and taking action about.

Creating a solution for a smarter and efficient way to access and retrieve hard copy and electronic format information, requires technologies and software which can handle various sized volumes of data, created in various formats and provide end users with easy to use access.

'infoRouter' software provides innovative solutions that completely change the way you look at Enterprise Document, Content and Records Management:

  • Reduce the risk surrounding documents
  • Improves customer service and operational efficiency
  • Overcome the reality of restrained IT resources
  • Helps towards Long / Short term compliance needs

'infoRouter' was developed to provide a fully integrated document management suite, providing organisations with one software solution and one repository for all their document management needs

'infoRouter' handles multiple types of content, and manages the content through the Information Lifecycle Management stages. - Including capture, document management, archive, record management, retrieval and distribution.

Document Management enables scanned captured images and multi format electronic documents such as word, excel, email to be stored in one single repository, enabling complete access to a specific document in all its various historical form.

Access is from Hosted Servers via a standard Web browser, enabling 24 hour access from anywhere.


Enterprise solution

A scaleable solution for large organisations with a scheduled document management project, also a desire to realise the potential for true Content Management.

Becoming independent on business process management from initial capture of data to workflow within departments, Permission based access control, document version control, bespoke database design and administrator control.


Small Business Solution

If you require a smarter filing solution to gain instant access to your documents and archive material, you can choose to use a smaller scaled version of the Document Management Software, Scan and Capture Documents, upload images and index yourself, or use our Document Scanning Bureau Service.

We can control the Administrator function for you, set up folders, users, arrange for read only access to documents, pay for add-in clients such as MS Office or Outlook integration as and when required.