Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need to purchase the software and server.

The 'Software as a Service' includes access and use of both the enterprise level Document Management software and the managed, secure and audited cloud servers. An ideal scenario for any sized business who wants to benefit from an innovative solution at an affordable price.

How can we use infoRouter on a day to day basis?

Using infoRouter, you will be able to offer services to your internal and external customers. You'll be able to instantly provide secure access to important business documents to who ever needs it. You'll even be able to collaboratively manage programs, proposals, projects, contracts and relationships with your internal and external customers.

Documents received through the post can be scanned, indexed and stored into designated folders, eliminating the paper filing system completely. Users can be notified via email when a new document has been stored in to specific folders.

Documents created within Microsoft office can be saved into the web folders via simple add in clients buttons added to your office menu header, even emails and attachments.

Imagine a project folder having documents and emails added to it by project members in different locations, one folder, one set of documents. Control document versions with the check out and check in process the document now has an audit trail.

Workflow schedules between users provides an organised process from beginning to end.

Sales staff away from the office can subscribe to document changes, such as the latest price changes.

Or if you want a simple scan and store solution, you can simply scan, index and store documents online.

We have different departments, how can we stop staff from seeing each others information.

Individual named Users are created, user permissions can then be assigned to enable or disable access to Departmental libraries, down to document level. Users can be part of a joint access group.

We have lots of documents held in paper and in electronic form on various computers and laptops, how can we easily migrate all this information.

Intuitive, easy to use tools exist, (Client add-ins) which enable bulk uploading of information, whether in pdf, tiff or other various office formats. Using Indexing tools will enable quick search results of document content.

infoRouter automatically provides a full text content search across all electronic content and scanned tiff images, pdf also when pre OCR'd.

We have boxes of archive documents in our filing rooms and in storage, how do we get all the documents online.

Not a problem, our Document Scanning Bureau service can capture and digitise all your paper records, we can also index and upload them to your online 'infoportal'. Ready to use.

How secure is the Cloud Server that stores our records and information.

Two fully managed 'Cloud' servers with fail over redundancy are located with the server provider 'Secura Hosting'. All data is hosted in the UK.

The datacentre has the following certifications:

  • ISO 9001 : Quality Management
  • ISO 20000-1 : IT Service Management
  • ISO 27001 : Information Security Management

Member of G-Cloud Framework

Access to the servers is via a secure HTTPS SSL256 connection.

Hosting Infrastructure overview

How much time would we need to train and understand how to use the service?

'infoRouter' functionality is very easy to use, virtually no training is required, if your users are experienced Windows users, they'll find infoRouter very familiar and easy to understand. Video tutorials are also available to take you through each feature step by step.

Can you provide support to our staff if they really need it.

We can provide in-house training or telephone and email support. Ideally a designated contact will be created from yourselves.

How often is the software updated from new developments.

Typically 2 or 3 times per year, the updates are automatically made available to you via our Cloud Servers. If you ever think a new innovation should be considered, feel free to contact us.

Do we need IT knowledge to maintain the service, if not will this hold us back.

No IT knowledge is required, because we are providing a 'Software as a service' you do not require an internal IT management team. We are on hand to support you.

We have full Administrator access to accounts and we can provide you with shared administration rights.

What technology is used.

infoRouter is not a typical proprietary enterprise software solution. It is built on the industry standard ASP.NET platform with .NET Framework 2.0. The solution runs on industry-standard hardware and operating systems such as Windows 2000/2003/2008 servers. It uses industry database platforms such as Oracle, MS SQL and MySQL. infoRouter can be accessed through standard web browsers like MS IE, Firefox and other Mozilla based browsers.

How much does the service cost?

Overall we have covered the larger license and server fees, all new customers and users are guaranteed a value for money access service compared to other enterprise level infrastructures. Call us to discuss your specific requirements.

We offer a 12 month budget cycle if required.

If we decided the service is no longer of interest to us, how easy it is to download our information back.

No problem, all the data and information remains your property, easy download tools will enable you to extract all your data.