Customised Presentation Layer

Search, View & Index infoRouter Documents

infoExplorer login screen

infoExplorer Viewer has been developed to provide an advanced presentation layer for infoRouter.

Available as an optional add-on for any new or existing infoRouter installations, infoExplorer is fast and simple to implement.

Plus, infoExplorer can be fully customised with any client logo, corporate colour scheme or customer specific functions.

infoExplorer viewer screen

Simple, intuitive interface to explore, search, view and index documents.

The built-in document viewer is capable of displaying all popular image formats and MS office documents (including emails with attachments) without the need for the native application software to be installed.

Multiple document views are available including single, multi-page and ‘page turn’.

User permissions and security profiles are fully integrated with core infoRouter settings.

infoExplorer search screen

Custom properties, meta data and index fields can be displayed and edited by users with permissions.

Security is improved because documents do not have to be opened in another application to view.

The folder structure is simplified as users only see folders they have permissions to rather than ‘access denied’ messages.

In document search and contextual highlighted results (requires OCR for image files).

infoExplorer Viewer is one of a number of productivity solutions developed by our Cloud Solutions division for infoRouter and can be purchased for on-premise or cloud based solutions.

Please contact us for more information or a free trial.


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